Ten Reasons Why Moving to Lake Oswego is Good for Your Health


By now we all know that being physically active is good for you. Did you know that your odds for being physically active go up because you live in Lake Oswego?

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recently released state maps showing the levels of adult physical inactivity across the United States. They define physical inactivity as “not participating in any leisure-time physical activities over the last month – activities such as running, walking for exercise, or gardening.”

While the South (28.0%) had the highest prevalence of physical inactivity, followed by the Northeast (25.6%), and the Midwest (25.0%), the West had the lowest at 20.5%. And Oregon, along with Washington, Colorado and Utah were the four states with inactivity levels even lower than that from 15% to less than 20%.

So being that Lake Oswego is in Oregon, we already have a head start in this race, but add to that all the opportunities that the city of Lake Oswego offers us to get up and get moving and I’d venture to say we come in under that 15%!

To show you what I’m talking about, here are 10 ways to stay physically active in Lake Oswego.

WALKING PATHS. In 1991 the city began constructing a recreational loop system of pathways to connect neighborhoods to schools, parks and community centers. It’s here you’ll find walkers, runners, bikers and skaters taking advantage of the city’s invitation to be active. Here are a few:

Lake Loop. This 7-mile path is the most popular for sure with its sheer beauty as well as challenges. Our son never seems to tire of it, heading out for a round trip every morning when he comes to visit.

Old River Road Pathway is about 3 ½ miles out and back. The views here aren’t too shabby either as you start out in George Rogers Park and run along Old River Road with its view of the Willamette River.

Country Club Loop is 5 miles and takes you by some of the sights including Oswego Lake Country Club, Lake Oswego Junior High, Springbrook Park, Uplands and the Lake Oswego Hunt Club.

TRAILS.  Lake Oswego is part of Intertwine, a network of parks, trails and natural areas in our region that has its sights on ever-expanding and growing. This is an ambitious project as you can tell by looking at the Master Plan map. But just because they built it, does it mean people will come? According to the city’s trail usage measurement program, they will! This system was installed in June of 2017 and measures the infrared wavelength that people emit when passing to count usage in the Bryant Woods Nature Park, Cooks Butte, George Rogers Park, Luscher Farm and Springbrook Park. The total trail usage count in July of that year was 42,000 followed by 35,000 in August. With a population of 39,000, those numbers look pretty good!

RECREATION CLASSES. The Lake Oswego Parks and Recreation Department offers such a wide variety of classes that there is sure to be something for everyone. From hula dancing for little tykes to line dancing for adults, you can find a fun, fabulous way to move that fits with your interests, schedule and abilities.

DAY HIKES. If you like your walking to be social as well, there are guided day hikes every Tuesday and Thursday to destinations within two hours of Lake Oswego led by volunteers. Upcoming hikes include: a 3.3. mile winter ramble on Mt. Tabor, 5.3-mile hike along the Ice Age Tonquin Trail in Wilsonville and a 4-mile hike to Wahclella Falls in the Columbia Gorge.

GARDENING. Luscher Farms offers lots of opportunities to nurture your green thumb. From adopting a garden plot and participating in work parties to learning the basis of herb production, you can enjoy the great outdoors while also learning how to become more self-sufficient.

PARKS STEWARDSHIP. Volunteers are always welcome to help restore our natural habitats for plants and animals and improve the watershed. Friends Groups pitch in on a regular basis at city nature parks to remove invasive species, plant native species and spread mulch around tender plants.

SWIMMING. During the winter most Lake Oswego residents who want to swim do so at either the school district pool or one of the local clubs; however, in the summer, the opportunities grow to meet the demand. From the city’s swim park on the east end of Oswego Lake to community pools in local neighborhoods, as one of my more popular blog posts points out, it’s easy to find a place to cool down.

GOLF. The city maintains an 18-hole public golf course with a practice range, lessons and organized clubs. Foot golfers can also hit the greens on Thursdays after 3:00 p.m. and on the first weekend of the month.

TENNIS and PICKLEBALL. The city also maintains an indoor tennis center with four courts offering lessons and competitive and non-competitive play as well as City League and USTA tennis teams. Outdoor courts can be found at George Rogers Park (2) 611 S. State Street, Westlake Park (2) 14164 Bunick Drive, and at 1850 South Shore Blvd.

The Lake Oswego Pickleball Club is very active with daily posts on their Facebook page as to play availability during the winter. If it isn’t raining and the courts are dry, it’s a good chance that all systems will be “go.” More regular play can be counted on from May through October on the six dedicated courts located at George Rogers Park, 611 S. State Street. See what all the fuss is about on my blog post

ROWING. Lake Oswego Community Rowing and the Lake Oswego Parks and Recreation Department have partnered to offer classes and rowing opportunities on the Willamette River. The boathouse is located at 350 Oswego Pointe Drive but if you’re not yet ready to start paddling, you can take classes at the indoor RowFit Studio located at 355 N. State Street. Registration is now open for spring rowing!

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