Discover Why the Lake Run Has Been Around for 40 Years

1996@ Brady riley casey dad on Lake Run

The Lake Run was a family affair for the Costello’s back in the day.

The Lake Oswego Women’s Club is celebrating the 40th anniversary of its annual Lake Run with this year’s event scheduled for Saturday, May 7. Participants can choose from a 10K, 5K run/walk, Kid’s dash and family fun festival. Here’s what some of last year’s finishers have to say about what makes the Lake Run the time-honored tradition it is around Lake Oswego.

blockquotes-1Running in Lake Oswego is beautiful and running around the lake is gorgeous. The start and ending are lots of fun–there are crowds of people cheering you on. One piece of advice–take your time on your way up the first hill, McVey, and save your energy as you will need it at the end. -Cameron Soderstrom, 10k

blockquotes-1It’s a great community event that kicks off the summer here in Lake Oswego. Now that I have kids, my kids are out there cheering me on and afterwards the oldest participates in the kiddie dash. -Todd DeCook, 10k

blockquotes-1The 5k is perfect for any type of runner, from casual to competitive. The scenic views of the lake and community feel are what makes it special, with people outside their homes cheering runners on in the neighborhoods and the finish line with all the spectators and vendors is a great way to celebrate. It’s a pretty flat course, with a few minor inclines, making it easy for most runners. Casey Costello, 5k

blockquotes-1The course is a great one given the challenging terrain, and circling the lake is pretty unique in Oregon…if doing the 10k, get some hill work in! Andy Ford, 10k

blockquotes-1I like the tradition. Our house has always been on the race route so I grew up watching runners go by every year. (I ran in the kid’s dash a few times growing up). That’s what motivated me to participate last year. The 10k course is very challenging. Going up the long McVey hill to South Shore right at the beginning is a tough test. I underestimated it last year and was hurting towards the end of the race. – Reed Oliver, 10k

blockquotes-1I ended up bumping into and running next to old friends which was a pleasant surprise. I appreciated the fact I was able to enjoy the scenery without the pressure of finishing or placing, while other runners had the option to run at a quicker pace and make it a competition. The course was mostly flat and not too challenging in my opinion, making it a great option for a beginner. – Gabbie Lindeman, 5k

If you haven’t already, register online and join the fun.

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