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Arts Council of Lake Oswego Lets You Have All the Fun of Family Art Making Without All of the Mess :-)

Imagine if you could have all the fun of doing an art project with your child without all of the mess! Thanks to the Arts Council of Lake Oswego’s Family Art Making Program, you can. The program was started in … Continue reading

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Celebrate National Poetry Month by Entering Lake Oswego’s Sidewalk Poetry Contest

It’s National Poetry month so literature lovers everywhere are encouraging you to read more poems. Lake Oswego’s Old Town Neighborhood Association is taking that advice one step further and inviting you to write a poem that residents can walk all … Continue reading

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Lake Oswego Celebrates Tree City of the Year Designation During Arbor Week

Trees—we have so many in Lake Oswego, (an estimated 60,000 just on our streets alone!) we tend to take them for granted. That is, until they start putting on showy displays like the Japanese Cherry blossoms lining our streets right … Continue reading

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What to Do With Your Stuff After Spring Cleaning Your Home in Lake Oswego, Oregon

Chances are if you’re like most Americans, you’ll find yourself with the urge to do some “spring cleaning” this month (Spring Cleaning Week is usually designated as the last week in March). Why? According to a survey conducted by Clorox … Continue reading

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5 Slam Dunk Moves Homeowners Can Make When It Comes to House Remodeling

It’s March Madness time so most of us are glued to our televisions watching college basketballs stars make great moves on the court. Who says they get to have all the fun and the glory? What kinds of moves can … Continue reading

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10 Things You Should Know to Make Your St. Patrick’s Day Celebration in Lake Oswego a Little Greener!

Irish eyes are smiling this year because St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Saturday. That makes it easy to catch Maher’s annual St. Patrick’s Day Festival which kicks off at 352 B Avenue on Friday, March 16 at 12:00 p.m.  … Continue reading

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5 Things You’ll Find if You Move to the Hallinan Neighborhood in Lake Oswego

There are so many great neighborhoods in Lake Oswego, how do you decide if you’re planning on moving here? One suggestion is to read some of my earlier blogs on Lake Oswego neighborhoods here, here, and here. It also helps … Continue reading

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