Best Neighborhoods for Trick-or-Treating in Lake Oswego, Oregon


The streets of Lake Oswego proved generous when our kids and their friends were young enough to go trick-or-treating.

Next to the Fourth of July, my Halloween posts are the most popular as Lake Oswego parents and kids look for suggestions as to which neighborhoods deliver when it comes to trick-or-treating.

So I’ve decided to re-post my original blog from five years ago on the best neighborhoods in Lake Oswego when it comes to Halloween night. While some of the names may have changed since then, these neighborhoods’ reputations for being the Halloween “hot spots” have not.

Let me offer one caveat however. Because of the large numbers of costumers they find at their doors, most of these households load up on Costco bags of fun-size candies, which they dole out one or two at a time. My kids found that sometimes, the less popular streets actually handed out more generous servings—from regular to king size candy bars. So they were always sure to remember where those houses were and include them in their annual lineup. There you have it—words of wisdom from veteran trick-or-treaters. Happy hunting!

WESTLAKE: The biggest haul of my son’s trick-or-treating life was when he joined a group of friends and they vanned their way through Westlake neighborhoods. He came home with over 20 pounds of the sweet stuff.

Westlake resident Lois Barnum knows the drill. Even though she is located in a cul-de-sac, she has handed out candy to as many as 160 kids on Halloween night. Anything under 90 is a slow night for her. Located within a walking school district in a neighborhood of mostly 3-5 bedroom houses, there are lots of kids ready to hit the streets. That’s not to mention the vans whose candy tracking GPS leads them to Westlake.

Barnum dons a witch’s hat when greeting trick-or-treaters at the door and will even do a rendition of “I’ll get you my little pretty,” for the older and wiser crowd. Some of her favorite costumed characters? She has quite a list from the all male high school group dressed as 1950s cheerleaders who formed a pyramid outside her door as their trick for her treat to the baby bumblebees. “They always get me,” she explains.

MARYLHURST: Van drop-offs are common in this neighborhood too. “I think maybe it’s because the neighborhood is contained, making it safer with no outlets…or maybe it’s the Costco-sized candy bars some residents give out,” explains Marylhurst resident Mary Vigo. She can easily go through two of Costco’s large bags of candy in addition to 200 of the full size candy bars in one night.

RIVER RUN: “Our neighborhood totally goes all out,” explains River Run enthusiast, Lisa Andersson. Complete with graveyards for the likes of Will Rott , the homeowners do their best to set the stage for bands of trick-or-treaters. Add to that the fact that it’s a flat, easy-to-walk neighborhood and it’s little surprise that Andersson can easily find 150 kids at her door she has never seen before. “We get first timers to 17 year olds,” she explains, “because they think it’s so much fun they can’t stop.”

BRYANT WOODS: Flat with houses close together is this neighborhood’s strong selling point. “I wouldn’t call it a drop-off neighborhood,” explains resident Wendy Aldrich, except for some kids who might come down to escape the Westridge hills. Even just catering to locals, however, Aldrich easily sees 140 kids in a night, and they tend to be the younger set.

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