Why Hamburger Lovers Brake for the Giant Drive-In

Hamburger fans find their way to Lake Oswego's Giant Drive-In to satisfy their cravings.

On his Hamburger America website, hamburger aficionado, author and documentary film maker George Motz encourages his audience to “Help preserve our hamburger heritage.” Bill and Gail Kreger, owners of the Giant Drive-In at 15840 Boones Ferry Road in Lake Oswego are doing just that.

Serving up 28 different kinds of burgers for 30 years, the Kregers have developed a loyal following with Lake Oswego fans as well as customers who have to go out of their way to place their order from Tillamook, Eugene, Salem and Ashland. Listed in Motz’s Hamburger America, Bill Kreger has served burger junkies in search of their next fix from all across the United States.

The Giant also shows up in local roundups like the Oregonian’s “Top 10 Favorite Classic Burgers in the Portland Metro Area” last year, coming in fifth, and in a reader’s roundup,  “Best Burgers!” in an issue of Via, the magazine of AAA.

What’s the appeal?

According to Kreger it’s the custom ground sirloin topped by custom, all-natural buns. Variety could have something to do with it too. Asked to name a best seller, Kreger can’t narrow it down to just one, not when there are offerings like mushroom, teriyaki and bacon to choose from.

So I decided to ask some Giant Drive-In fans. My son, a man of few but carefully chosen words replied, “I think everyone is a Giant burger fan. What’s not to like?”

Rich Rogers has his order down—filler, french fries and a shake. What keeps him coming back? “I like how it’s old-fashioned and how good the food is.”

That throwback feel is a plus for Dylan Patteron too. His usual? A double bacon cheeseburger with Cajun fries and a blackberry milkshake. Get the feeling we’re not at a McDonald’s drive-through?

Molly Mettler doesn’t even live in Lake Oswego but stopped by it often enough after Lake Oswego Soccer Club practices in town that she counts herself a fan. What’s the draw? According to Mettler, it’s the prices, addicting food and service.

Bill and Gail Kreger are doing their part to help preserve America’s hamburger heritage. According to hamburger guru, Motz, the rest is up to you: Eat real burgers; visit real places. By stopping in at the Giant Drive-In, you’ll be doing both.

Calling all Giant fans–cast your vote for your  favorite Giant fix by commenting here.
Do you have another place in Lake Oswego where you like to satisfy your hamburger craving? I’d like to hear about it. Leave a comment.

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5 Responses to Why Hamburger Lovers Brake for the Giant Drive-In

  1. Brady says:

    You can’t pick one favorite. This might be the only place where I’d probably eat everything on the menu.

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  3. Will says:

    Partial to the Avocado Burger. Love their malts too. This hamburger joint is a one-of-a-kind. Beats a fast food chain any day.

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